what does this thing do?

the mesostomatic will try to find the letters in your spine on the web page you give it. if it cannot find the letters, or it runs out of material in the middle of writing the mesostic, it will use any links found on the page given to try to obtain more data, and spider out in search of complete data. for best results, use a fast website that has a lot of links on the page.

updated: 10.24.2013

you too can have nothing to say, and say it.
with only the power of the internet oracle as your guide.

Make a mesostic using the spine:

Obtain textual data from:
Make sure to include the http:// at the front of your URL.

Or paste text here:

these may increase 'writing' time

strip punctuation marks

write mesostic(s)

what's a mesostic? * about the mesostomatic * bibliography/resources